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Tom Stillwell @ Derby City Comic Con

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Hey folks! I’ll be at Derby City Comic-Con Saturday June 29th 10AM-5PM in Louisville, Kentucky at table B3. Stop by to get signed copies of Honor Brigade and Toy Boy books. I’ll also be part of the Small Press Showcase II at 1PMĀ to answer any questions you might have.

I look forward to seeing you there! For more information on Derby City Comic Con click on the link below.


Honor Unbound Concludes

Today’s installment of Honor Brigade concludes the last issue of the Honor Unbound six issue mini-series. But don’t worry, there’s lots more Honor Brigade goodness ready to roll! Check in with us on Wednesday for the first installment of a two part Toy Boy short by none other than current Batgirl scribe Gail Simone!

If you’ve enjoyed the Honor Unbound mini-series and would like to own a copy of the trade paperback you can get it over at Indy Planet.

Honor Brigade TPB at Indy Planet

Honor Brigade and The Collective of Heroes

Spinner Rack Comics is happy to announce that Honor Brigade has joined The Collective of Heroes. CoH is a fantastic website dedicated to showcasing superhero comics from all over the web. With links to comics like Hero By Night, Johnny Saturn and Dynagirl, Collective of Heroes is your one stop shopping for superhero webcomics.

Hop on over to the link below to check out The Collective of Heroes!

The Collective of Heroes

Thank you!

Hey folks! I was out of town at Summit City Comic-Con when the Kickstarter campaign for Honor Brigade: SPACE FIGHT was successfully funded so I haven’t had a chance to thank you all yet. Thanks so much for your support whether it be financial or otherwise. I couldn’t have done it without you!