Living Log

Dr. Todd Porter was a horticulturist and biologist who a believed a mysterious plant held the cure for cancer. The plant, Myhotos, had long been used in religous ceremonies by a certain tribe in the Amazon Jungle.

Venturing into the depths of the jungle, Porter was eventually able to find the tribe. Their shaman warned that the plant was not meant for outsiders. Only true believers were to partake of Myhotos.

However, Porter would not be detered. He suffered from terminal brain cancer. He stole a sample of the plant and returned home.

Making an elixir, Dr. Porter tested the cure on himself. While he was cured an unexpected change overcame the doctor. Now a being more plant than human, Todd became one with nature, able to communicate with all types of flora.

After a stint as the superhero Living Log, Porter lives a quiet life with his wife and spends his days lost in study of all things scientific.

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